Sales Terms

General Sales Terms

The following terms and conditions govern the contract existing between the Chambres d’Hotes Le Mas de Frayère, the bed and breakfast that rents out rooms on the website, and the clients of the website.

In May, June and September we only accept réservations for a minimum of 3 days. In July and August, a minimum of 5 days is required due to heavy demand.

Opening Hours

Arrivals are to be made between 16:00 (4 pm) and 19:00 (7 pm).
Concerning departures the rooms must be freed at 11:00 (11 am).


The Reservation is considered firm and binding 24 hours following the confirmation of the reservation. The confirmation can not be contested.

The information concerning the confirmation of the reservation, whether it be electronic or in any other form such as by email is legal proof of the reservation and as such is considered just as binding as any document established, received or conserved in writing.

Any delays in arrival times or dates caused by flight, trains, or land and thus causing a delay in check-in does not exonerate the Client from the eventual financial terms as noted for the reservation.


Note that citizens of certain countries are required to have passports and visas valid during their entire stay and often require validity extending 6 months beyond their estimated departure date. In addition children of 15 years and older must be in possession of valid passports or identity cards in their name. If in case of non-respect of the administrative or health requirements the Client finds himself incapable of leaving at the reserved date the reservation can not be refunded.


The classification of the Mas de Frayère by the Gites de France was accorded in relation to the standards in France et could differ from standards of other countries.


The prices given on the website are given in Euros. The price is for 2 people per night with breakfast offered. The fact to not desire the breakfast does not reduce the price. A supplement of 30 Euros per person per night will be included for any additional person. We only accept payment in cash in Euros.


The Chambres hotes Mas de Frayère does not furnish insurance in the price. We strongly suggest the Client to take insurance in advance which would cover certain risks such as cancellation or in case of illness or accident.


The Chambres hotes Mas de Frayère is responsible for the contents of the website, any reservation made on the website as well as the details given on the website.

The reservations are archived by Le Mas de Frayère and constitute proof of the reservations made. Any claims relative to the contract must be made in writing and sent by registered mail to:

803, chemin de Frayère
06650 Le Rouret FRANCE


In case of litigation both parties agree to try to find an amicable solution. If no solution is found only the Tribunal de Grasse, France, will be considered as competent for any legal action.